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Convention Appearance: Anime Tosho-con


Very excited to share that I've been given the honor of appearing at Anime Tosho-con as a Voice Actor guest! This will mark my very first guest appearance at an anime convention (technically my second due to my last-minute guest speaking at Kogaracon). I've attended this con in the past and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of it! I will mainly be participating in the con's opening group panel called "Breaking into the Industry", and possibly another fun little something. Just have to wait and see~

Hope to see you there!


Surviving the Biker: The Romance Continues

Cover of Surviving the Biker audiobook

Nina returns as the Narrator of the exciting second installment of Cassie Alexandra's Biker series! The story of Adriana and Trevor continues. Will she have the courage to fight for her man, and will Trevor make the right decisions, involving the women in his life? Also, the war between the Devil's Rangers and the Gold Vipers comes to a climax. With many old characters returning & new ones revealing themselves, this story all comes together here.

Surviving the Biker is now available for download for PC and mobile devices in Unabridged Audiobook format on


Resisting the Biker: A Biker Romance Audiobook

Cover of Resisting the Biker audiobook

Twenty-one-year-old college student, Adriana Nikolas, doesn't really know what to make of Raptor, the sexy biker who wants Adriana and will do whatever it takes to claim her as his woman. But, she keeps resisting, which isn't something that the road captain of the Gold Vipers is accustomed to. Nina is very grateful for the opportunity to entertain listeners as the Narrator of another new romance fiction book series, featuring a large cast and an engaging, deadly subplot.

Resisting the Biker: Volume 1 is now available for download for PC and mobile devices in Unabridged Audiobook format on


Hard Glamour: A Romance Fiction Audiobook

Cover of Hard Glamour audiobook

A steamy new adult romance set in the gritty world of Hollywood entertainment. Motorcycle riding alpha, bad-boy Dillon MacAvoy tries hard not to fall for small-town girl Lane Channing. Nina had the pleasure of being cast as Narrator for the Audiobook version, voicing both Dillon and Lane as well as a plethora of other lovable, colorful characters.

Hard Glamour is now available for download for PC and mobile devices in Unabridged Audiobook format on


2014 Audio Verse Award Winner for "Best Actress in an Original Ensemble Role"

Image of Nell with blacked-out characters and AVA Actress award badge

After many public voting periods, Nina became the recipient of the 2014 Audio Verse Award for Best Actress in an Original Ensemble Role for her performance as Nell in the audio drama production, Phoenix Wings Trilogy. Nina plays the leading male protagonist, Nell, a teenage knight-in-training whose stubborn, inexperienced qualities betray his heart of gold and strategic intellect. Alongside Nina, Phoenix Wings Trilogy is also an award-winning production receiving Best Ongoing Original Short-form Production of the Year in 2014.

Hear Nina's performance as Nell in Phoenix Wings; all previous episodes are on YouTube or iTunes.


Phoenix Wings Tri-Anniversary Livestream

Image of lead characters and AVA production award badge

Celebrating three years of Phoenix Wings Trilogy, an original, action/adventure audio drama production, Nina, who voices the main protagonist, Nell, joins her fellow leading castmates in a casual, roundtable chat for their first ever group livestream podcast. Moderated by Creator and Audio Editor of Phoenix Wings, Noble Alexandria, learn about various facets of their lives, their feelings on their individual roles and creative inspirations, with some good humor spinkled about. Soon after airing, Phoenix Wings Trilogy was named 2014 Best Ongoing Original Short-form Production of the Year in the Audio Verse Awards.

Listen to the Tri-Anniversary Livestream in its entirety. Learn more about the Phoenix Wings Trilogy here.


New Bodies [Animated Short]

Image of Mercury from New Bodies

A sci-fi / fantasy short animated film about about girls, queer family and monsters surviving on a Bradbury-esqe Mars. This short 2D animated film is a major graduating project - the culmination of the end of a four-year Illustration degree - by Bo Moore.

Nina voices the lead character, Mercury, a transgender female teenager. Watch it on Nina's Resumé page.


Project Z.E.D [Fighting Game]


Giant technological corporations within the Zentrix foundation compete against each other to create the ultimate driver which will greatly enhance the abilities to what the average person can do but had no one who was willing to test it. They all agreed to set up an underground game, where people are used as guinea pigs to test their version of the driver. The drivers were successful in enhancing the users human capabilities giving them superhuman powers but had negative side effects: The user would lose a trait/ability that they held dear to them.

You can hear Nina as Jonathan, an ice user with a chill attitude. Watch the character trailer on Nina's Resumé page. Project Z.E.D is currently still in development for PC only. However, a playable demo is available for download.


ALiCE [Horror Book Trailer]


Christopher Robinson was a typical young man working as an orderly at a children's asylum, completely unaware that a car accident would change his fate. Now trapped on a strange island inhabited by even stranger people, Christopher must find a way to rescue the child that appeared with him and return to the asylum. Faced with the island's mysterious, bloody history and his own descent into insanity, Christopher must either save the child (and himself), or spend the rest of his life as a lunatic in a hellish Wonderland.

Nina voices the main character, Christopher Robinson, for ALiCE's trailer. Watch it on Nina's Resumé page.


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