Nina Sumter - Voice Talent & Actress


Headshot of Nina

Nina had early beginnings performing in theatre, avidly mimicking voices of people around her, and doing fandubs on YouTube. Known for her dramatic range of tonal versatility across the gender spectrum, she has diligently focused on building a unique reputation through a number of radically contrasting roles within Indie Animation & Video Games, Audio Dramas, as well as a number of Audiobook Narrations published on

As an openly transgender female, Nina has overcome many hurdles as a performer including fully rebranding herself & acting career. She hopes that by publicly vocalizing her gender identity, she can be an inspiration to aspiring talent and encourage everyone to pursue their purpose in life without fear.

Outside the booth, Nina is a fun-loving geek and fervent anime fan, consuming 5-10 series each season while secretly fantasizing about being an ADR Director or a character she would enjoy auditioning for. She also enjoys roleplaying games like Unison League and Dungeons & Dragons, along with fighting and rhythm games (namely Street Fighter & Dance Dance Revolution).

Nina currently resides in the Greater New York area, and hopes to move to California or Texas one day.

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