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Cover of Loving the Biker audiobook

When Detective Terin O'Brien is assigned to an investigation involving the Gold Vipers, she is blind-sided by the strong attraction she has for their newest member, Cole Davis. Now Terin is caught between wanting Cole behind bars and wanting him as a man, which she knows is wrong, stupid, and above all else ... dangerous.

Nina is privileged to have narrated yet another fantastic biker romance title by Cassie Alexandra. Loving the Biker is now available for download for PC and mobile devices in Unabridged Audiobook format on


YouTube Channel + Real Talk Blog Is Live!

ItsAmaiLife Logo

With the massive revisions of also came the launch of two content production initiatives: A brand new blog (ItsAmaiLife: Nina's Real Talk Blog) and a revived YouTube channel of the same name. Both initiatives aim to provide thoughtful, educational entertainment predominately, but not limited to, transgender matters. Her core mission is to become a voice of encouragement and elevate awareness of what being transgender means through openly sharing her personal narrative. Along with the upkeep of, she tackles every aspect of these initiatives - from graphics to writing - solo.

If you would like to show your support, please subscribe to her blog, her YouTube channel, or both. A Like and a Share is also extremely helpful in spreading the word. Nina sincerely thanks everyone who continues to stand by her work, both in voiceover and as a LGBTQ+ advocate.


Avengers: Disassembled Released!

Partial cover of official Avengers Disassembled comic

It begins with the return of a team member thought dead - and by the time it's over, everything you know about the Avengers will have changed! The event that rocked the entirety of the Marvel Universe and set the stage for New Avengers is presented here for the first time as a podcast adaptation by Cape Swoosh Productions.

Nina joins The Avengers cast as Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk.


Suicide Squad: The Black Vault

Partial cover of official Black Vault comic

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Katana and Killer Croc. All deadly criminals sent on the most dangerous missions possible by a government that wants them killed. Their newest challenge? A teammate so powerful that even these murderers and thieves can’t control him.

Nina can be heard in this upcoming podcast series as Task Force X Leader, Amanda "The Wall" Waller, in this audio adaptation by Cape Swoosh Productions.


GAME: Women of Xal

women of xal logo

A political otome visual novel that puts you in the shoes of Xjena, one of many women competing for an all male-harem in a power grab for political and economical gain. As Xjena, you will be in the position to form bonds with the many men and women that dwell in the brothel, or simply view them as pawns in an increasingly dangerous game. Can you win the seat while preserving your morality?

After the success of their Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to hear Nina voicing Marra in the upcoming Demo 2.0 & official release by Project Trinity Studios.


AUDIOBOOK/DARK FANTASY: Deviant, Daughter of Darkness

Cover of Deviant Daughter of Darkness audiobook

Jezebel and her vampire protector, Dorian, have been found by Vlad Montour. The threat on Jezebel's life intensifies in this second book of the "Daughter of Darkness" series as they attempt to bide their time away Vlad's seemingly omniscient, underworld influence! Nina continues her trend of distinctly bringing each character to life, including the sexually-charged Jezebel and her Irish companion returning as the leads.

Deviant is now available for download for PC and mobile devices in Unabridged Audiobook format on



Cover of Broken Glamour audiobook

Rich and privileged, Amanda Legend had it all and lost it all in an instant. Ryan Sinclair was at the pinnacle of his movie career, and one accident has him making the slow crawl back to the top. Amanda may loathe the entertainment world, but when she takes on a job she never wanted with the man who helped destroy her life, Amanda must learn to ignore her attraction to Ryan to avoid the world she desperately wants to escape. Nina returns as new and old characters, continuing the series with a very different kind of romance story.

Broken Glamour is now available for download for PC and mobile devices in Unabridged Audiobook format on


AUDIOBOOK/DARK FANTASY: Jezebel, Daughter of Darkness

Cover of Jezebel Daughter of Darkness audiobook

Four sisters fighting to stay alive. One father plotting to make sure that they fail... Meet Jezebel, a red-haired vampire/succubus working as a private investigator in Sin City. Tracking down cheating spouses is her specialty. Life is good until one night when Jez is visited by a stranger named Dorian Hart...Jezebel's journey begins in Part 1 of this series narrated by Nina, one of the four different heroines.

Jezebel, Daughter of Darkness is now available for download for PC and mobile devices in Unabridged Audiobook format on


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